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Speed and accuracy are the essential ingredients for an exceptional quick service experience. Unfortunately, we’ve all waited too long for what we expected to be fast food, or have ended up with the wrong order or an item missing. Ciao Software ensures that your customers never suffer these quick service mishaps. Patrons will leave your restaurant with just what they ordered and in the fast food speed they desire.

Ciao Software cuts out unnecessary steps. It automatically groups items into combo meals. Ciao Software also processes credit card transactions without having to touch any buttons – just swipe the card and the order is complete.

Ciao Software also allows up to 100 menu items on one screen, so you’ll have all the options at your finger tips, which helps prevent incorrect orders.
With Ciao Software you can:

To see Ciao POS screen shots, click here.

With Ciao’s full suite of Back Office tools your managers can:

To see Ciao Back Office screen shots, click here.

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