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Ciao Software’s Credit Card Module
It Couldn’t Be More Simple - or Fast!
screenshotCiao's Credit Card Module powered by PPI (Payment Processing, Inc.) PayMover takes credit card processing to a new level. Our upgraded credit card processing solution provides you with all the speed and simplicity of an integrated payment solution, plus the added security of a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant gateway and optional services to help you achieve PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance. Ciao's Credit Card Module powered by PPI PayMover is simple and extremely fast - eliminating errors and freeing your staff to provide prompt, personalized service. It also provides nearly unlimited check split and payment split options - all with a minimum of keystrokes. Most important of all, Ciao's unique Hot Standby feature continues to work when the internet is down - providing seamless credit card processing to your customers and eliminating the need for data re-entry by your staff when back online.

With Ciao’s Credit Card Module, you can:

Using the power of PPI PayMover provides your business with these additional time- and money-saving benefits:

To learn more about signing up for a PPI merchant account and get these enhanced PPI PayMover services, please visit: www.paypros.com/landing/ciao.asp

Ciao also interfaces with VeriFone's PC Charge™ Payment Server. Contact your authorized Ciao dealer for more information.

*If PPI cannot beat the merchant's effective rates, only one $50 gift card is awarded per merchant, not per location. Businesses outside the U.S. do not qualify.


Download our Credit Card Module data sheet.

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