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Ciao’s Enterprise Module
The Ultimate in Efficiency and Flexibility for Multi-site Locations
Ciao’s Enterprise Module is ideal for restaurants or stores with multiple locations. With its highly graphic, intuitive management tools, Ciao allows you to control chain operations from any computer anywhere – all you need is Ciao’s Enterprise module and an internet connection.  Imagine deciding to change the price of a menu item: with Ciao you can make changes using your laptop from your main office (or even home) rather than going to every restaurant location. You can also make chain-wide changes from any of your locations’ Ciao computers. This flexibility is essential for managers on the move. Ciao also provides total seamless integration of your data. Data reports from each restaurant location can be consolidated into one with the press of a button.  There’s no more sifting through multiple reports to get the information you’re looking for. Our consolidated reporting helps to identify sales trends for restaurants and regions, and our remote programming allows easy downloads of menu and system changes. With Ciao Software, you will feel more in touch with each of you restaurants’ operations than ever before!

With Ciao’s Enterprise Module you can:

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