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Convenience StoreConvenience Stores
Convenience store customers insist on fast, efficient service.  They want to enter the store, shop, and check out without any wait or hassle.  They want an accurate sales ticket and a quick and easy means of payment.  Provide all of these and you’ll have a loyal, repeat customer.  Ciao Software is designed to ensure that your customers come back – again and again.

At the convenience store checkout, every second counts!  With Ciao, we’ve fine-tuned the checkout so that most transactions are handled by scanning the item or touching the touch screen.  And if a bar code is missing or an item is scanned that isn’t found in the database, Ciao allows you to instantly add the item on the fly.  No more waiting for a price check.

Convenience Store

With Ciao, your convenience store staff can:

To see Ciao POS screen shots, click here.

With Ciao’s full suite of Back Office tools your convenience store managers can:

To see Ciao Back Office screen shots, click here.

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